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Configuring Receipt Printer

In ORO POS every terminal can add a  receipt printer to print sales receipts. However, there are options to add more receipts printers which will print the same copy. There are options to turn off receipt printers if needed.

You can find the list of our certified printers on our website

Supported paper sizes

  • 80mm.
  • 76mm.
  • 58mm.


To add a receipt printer please follow the steps below,

Back office–> Admin–> Terminal configuration–> Print–> Add a receipt printer



  1. Click on the Print tab.
  2. Click on Add to select a printer type.
  3. Name your receipt printer.
  4. Select the print mode*. 
  5. Select your device. (Please install the device driver prior to finding the device here)
  6. Press Ok to save it.

After setting up the receipt printer, please restart the system, take orders and check the printer performance. 


* Print modes

# Standard Mode ESC/POS Mode
Feature Use graphics layout  Use text layout
Speed Regular Fast
HTML support HTML 3 None
Drawer connectivity  Requires drawer trigger  Drawer trigger or RJ12