Creating a Bar Tab


1. Configure Order type

Go to the back office and create an order type “Bar Tab” and restart the POS.  Depending on the version you may see an Order type may have Bar tab as radio button or checkbox. 


When an Order is specified as Bar tab, it will ignore any other parameters in order type dialog.  



2. Configure bar tab pre-authorization


If your store pre-authorizes the card for the bar tab, then set authorization limit in the back office–> terminal configuration –> card 



3. Configure bar tab without pre-authorization


If you don’t want to pre-authorize new tabs, in ORO POS you can also do that. The system will ask you every time after opening a new bar tab. If you select No, it will not pre-authorize that new tab. 




4.  Now go to the “Bar Tab” order type and create new bar tabs