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Recipe / Bill of Materials ( BoM )

In an advanced inventory system stores may need to track finished items (Cooked foods)  produced from raw materials ( ingredients).  Bars can also track cocktails from different types of wines. 

# Recipe type Description
1 Default Recipe in Item If a menu item has a default recipe, raw materials will be deducted based on recipe while that Item is ordered.
2 Independent Recipes The recipe can be used to yield large amount of food. For example, a restaurant may produce 3 Gallons of Chicken soup.

To create an Independent Recipe, Go to  backoffice–>  inventory–> recipe–> Create new

  1. Choose the menu item for which the recipe for. 
  2. Name your recipe. You can put any code there. 
  3. Add recipe items. (In this case, we added to Bread and Meat).
  4. Update their quantity.  You can change the quantity by clicking on the quantity number and after changing press enter.
  5. Pressing ok will make this recipe done.

Yield and Portion
Yield is how much a recipe makes. The portion is how much you would serve one person. For example, minestrone soup has a yield of 3 gallons, while the portions are calculated in fluid ounces such as an eight-ounce cup or a twelve-ounce bowl serving

Cooking Process & Time
They are for future use. In a batch, process items are cooked in a fixed time. In a continuous process, quality is produced based on time.  


For default recipe, you can add that directly in the Menu items as follows



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