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Online Ordering with Menugreat

ORO POS uses  Menugreat platform to provide online order.  Menugreat is a multi-location enabled platform where a store with one or more outlets can receive online orders. This tutorial will explain how a single store can configure Menugreat and receive orders. is a separate service and may require additional connector plugins.  





Steps to go configure the store

  1. Register the store in Menugreat.
  2. Upload the database to the Menugreat cloud and verify it.
  3. Complete settings in the POS Terminal.
  4. Configure Online Ordering in the cloud.
  5. Visit the Online Ordering Page.
  6. Create a New online Order 
  7. Order Confirmation in Call center.
  8. Receiving Order in ORO POS


1. Registering a store in Menugreat

The biggest advantage of Menugreat is it uses a similar database as ORO POS does. So it can push the full Menu system with pictures in the cloud in a few minutes. Before you sync data to the cloud you need to make sure you both POS and Menugreat store are properly configured.

To create a new Menugreat online account

  • Go to back-office–> cloud–>cloud sync–> settings–>register
  • Set an email address and password and click on the register.
  • Then ORO POS will start registering and uploading the whole database to the online. If you have an existing account, you can directly login to the cloud sync dialog. This process takes up to 10 mins depending on your database size. Please wait while it’s completed. 



  1. Click on “Cloud” to initiate the registration process.
  2. Click on “Settings” to insert your information.
  3. Enter your “Email” address.
  4. Enter the “Password”.
  5. Click on “Register”.

Once the sync completes, you will see the following window. 



  1. You will see the success message of your terminal connected to the cloud. You will also receive a store ID. Please remember that store ID.

If you get prompt for New or Existing Outlet. For single store, always use Existing Outlet.


2. Upload database to the Menugreat cloud and verify it

Go to  and login with your registered email and password. 


  1. Insert your registered email and password.
  2. Click on “Login” to log in to your cloud system.

You will see Menugreat console having your store database. From your side menu, you can navigate to reports, items, and different settings.




3. Terminal Configuration

All database synchronization must be performed by the master terminal. Make sure one of the terminals is configured as the master terminal.  To set it, go to

Back Office–> admin–> terminal configuration–> master terminal–> restart



If you make any change in your terminal, don’t forget to clear cache, cloud sync and let your cloud system know your changes.

To cloud sync go to back-office–>  cloud–> sync–> and it will upload all the changes to the cloud and prompt success message.


  1. Click on “Cloud” to initiate the process.
  2. Click on “Sync” to cloud sync the changes you made in the terminal.

If you are already logged in in the cloud system with your registered email address, please refresh the page to check the changes.

There may be situation, where you have different store settings in cloud and local terminal. In that case, you will get prompt to select from “Cloud” & “Local”. Selecting “cloud” will overwrite your local settings with the cloud. Otherwise, it will push local settings to the cloud.

4. Configure Online Ordering in the cloud.

From settings–> online ordering–> general

  1. Enable online ordering.
  2. Select order type
  3. Select the payment type. If you select credit card payment type, provide the merchants’ gateway information.
  4. Save the changes. 

This Order type is very important and should be a delivery or pickup order in the POS. 


From settings–> online ordering–> delivery zones

  1. Add your delivery zone by clicking on the “Add Zone”. This will show your stores located on the google map.
  2. Here you can provide your zone a name
  3. Set a minimum order amount, if any, for an online order and delivery fee. 
  4. Menugreat will automatically locate your restaurant address in google map. You can restrict your location by marking on the map. 
  5. Finally, save the zone on the top right corner. 


  1. Enter a name for your delivery Zone.
  2. Enter the minimum amount for online ordering. (Optional)
  3. Enter the delivery fee. (Optional)
  4. Use the Polygon method to select the zone.
  5. Drag and drop the polygonal lines and make your zone. 
  6. Save your zone.


5. Online Ordering Page

Once you are done with the sync, your online ordering page is ready to take your orders. Customers can start taking their orders from this page. The page link is Once you come to this page, you will find your store here.  Stores can click on their online pages and share the link in their business emails or they can also place it on their website for their customers to order online.



6. Customer Order 

Once customers are in the online ordering page routed from They can login to their ID and start ordering online. If they don’t have an ID they can sign up for their login ID. 




After log in to customer’s online account, customers can go to the stores’ page and add their items to the cart and proceed to check out. 



  1. Menu Catagories.
  2. Menu Items.
  3. Items added to the cart.
  4. Place Order.


  1. Select the date.
  2. Extra instruction. (Optional)
  3. Select the order type.
  4. If it’s a delivery order, insert the address. The google map will help here finding customers the exact addresses.
  5. Enter the zip code.
  6. Enter the tip amount. (Optional)
  7. Payment method.
  8. Check the order details.
  9. Submit order.

After submitting customers will see the success message.





7. Order Confirmation in Call center

Once a customer submits an order the order may need to get verified by the call center webpage. 

When the store manager logs in there,  he will find new orders in pending status, check them and approve them. This will notify customer and mark the ticket as Confirmed. Menugreat system uses IoT push notification system to real-time notify the store terminal about this order.

In the latest version if a store has only one outlet all orders are automatically accepted and forwarded to the POS. So Stores do not meet to use this page.



8. Receiving online order in ORO POS

Once you confirm the order, the order will appear at the status bar of the ORO POS as a yellow button.  The store manager should then go to the “Delivery” order type to see details of the online order. 




  1. Your new order. 



From the delivery screen,

  1. Received online order.
  2. Checking order info.
  3. Send the order to the kitchen.
  4. Checking kitchen status.
  5. Edit order (If needed).
  6. Settle ticket.
  7. Assign the order to a driver.


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