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Cust Plugin Comparison

ORO POS is our PRO line of product with support and continuous updates


Cust for Floreant POS

Cust for ORO POS

  • Home Delivery & Pickup options



    Extend home delivery feature
    Quick Order Info based delivery address
    Called Id device
    Order History
    Filter order by Current date
    Red & Yellow Color for late order
    Switch between Delivery and Pickup
    Auto send orders to kitchen
    Pizza Designer
  • Driver & Delivery schedule

    Manager assigns tickets

    Driver and Manager can assign tickets

    Driver can assign ticket themselves
    Driver can close ticket themselves
    Re-assign of Order
    Tips rule for Drivers
    Quick cash for Group capture payments
    Google API based distance calculation
    Zone wise delivery charge
    Distance wise delivery charge
    Search Orders by Customer
    Print Driver Delivery Info
    Payment receive by Driver Report
  • Customer Database



    Manage customers by groups
    Price items by Customer groups
    Loyalty Points
    Payment from customer balance