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Product Comparison

Our PRO line of product, ORO POS offers extended features and support 

  • Features  ORO POS  Floreant POS
    Store setup

    🗹 Store open and Close
    🗹 Drawer & Staff bank
    🗹 End of the day receipt
    🗹 Customer monitor

    🗹 Drawer open & Close
    🗹 Drawer summary

    🗹 58mm 🗹 76mm 🗹 80mm Paper
    🗹 Receipt Designer
    🗹 ESC/POS  & 🗹 Jasper Printing

    🗹 80 mm Paper
    🗹 Fixed Printer layout
    🗹 Jasper Printer

    🗹 Multiple Tax per Item

    🗹 Single Tax per Item

    🗹 Visual Product Menu
    🗹 Drag and Drop Item Arrange

    🗹 Auto-sorted Menu designer

    🗹 Kitchen Display 
    🗹 Bump Bar
    🗹 Kitchen Void
    🗹 Dispatch monitor

    🗹 Non-Real-time Kitchen Display 


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  • Feature ORO POS Floorplan Plugin Floreant POS Floorplan Plugin
    Maximum number of tickets per table Unlimited 1
    Item wise split Yes No
    Visual seat plan for seat-based order Yes No
    Bar tab Full Partial 


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  • Feature ORO POS Inventory Plugin Floreant POS Inventory Plugin
    Multi-location Yes No
    Raw material inventory  Yes Yes
    Finished good inventory Yes No
    Purchase order and partial receive  Yes No
    Recipe Advanced Basic


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  • Feature ORO POS Cust Plugin Floreant POS Cust Plugin
    Send order to the kitchen Yes No
    Switch between delivery and pick up Yes No
    Delivery receipt designer Yes No
    Filter orders by the current date Yes No
    Extended home delivery feature Advanced Basic


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