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FloorPlan Plugin

FloorPlan Plugin

$ 4.99

/ month

paid annually

  • Floor Plan

    Visually manages restaurant tables and reservations

    Table features

    Dine-In Reservation

    Floor Plan

    • Name table
    • Table type and capacity.
    • eat plan for each table 
    • Font and style settings.
    • Table reservation in the front end.
    • Check allocation by party size.
    • Assign Seat in, Release,
    • Record No appear.


    • Create unlimited floors
    • Drag and drop tables
    • Save table layouts for special events
    • Customize background.
    • Table Rearrange in the front-end.

     Bar Tab

    Ticket operations

    Time Analysis

    • Bar tab pre-authorization.
    • List of Bar tabs.
    • Create tab by easy-to-remember name
    • Advanced Split ticket.
    • Merge ticket.
    • Print guest check.
    • Transfer items
    • Time status after they are paid.
    • Time status after they seat in.
    • Shows available or occupied tables.



    FloorPlan plugin requires ORO POS latest version.

  • Visual Floor Plan

    See the live status of the Restaurant tables in ORO POS with FloorPlan Plugin.  This gives a clear picture of which tables are occupied with time spent on table. You can create unlimited tables and name  and arrange dynamically. Split and Merge Tickets and group your tables if needed. 

    Visual Floor Plan

    Manage Bar Tabs

    You can quickly and accurately record orders in a bar while focusing on customers – even track tabs by customer description. It provides both pre-auth or regular bar tabs. 

    Learn more
    Manage  Bar Tabs

    Reservation System

    Integrating your reservation system streamlines both your and your customers’ experience. When your customers arrive, they get to avoid the queues and go straight to their table, and you simply bring up their reservation and assign it to their bill. Reservation is part of the Floor Plan plugin. 


    Learn more

    Reservation System
  • Feature ORO POS Floorplan Plugin Floreant POS Floorplan Plugin
    Maximum number of tickets per table Unlimited 1
    Item wise split Yes No
    Visual seat plan for seat-based order Yes No
    Bar tab Full Partial 


    Compare with FloorPlan for Floreant POS