Restaurants - ORO POS - Point of Sale


Efficient Kitchen and Bar Management


Key Restaurant Features

Restaurant POS
Flexible and easy-to-use point of sale lets you manage table service easily.
Table Management
Provides live status of tables in different floors improves efficiency and service quality.


Adavanced reports on sales, employee productivity, void, tax, and delivery.

Automatically manage to cost of the product in Average or Last purchase price.
Can connect to the Menugreat E-commerce site.
Customer Loyalty
Increase returning customers



Restaurant Business Smarter

A powerful POS to help you run the full house dining, front-to-back of it smartly. It lets you spend more time on customers improving their dining experience. 

Restaurant Business Smarter

Splitting and merging ticket

With ORO POS, servers can split checks by the number of guests, items ordered by individuals, or equally by number. You can also merge tickets and transfer items.

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Visual Floor Plan

See the live status of the Restaurant tables in ORO POS with FloorPlan Plugin.  This gives a clear picture of which tables are occupied with time spent on table. You can create unlimited tables and name  and arrange dynamically. Split and Merge Tickets and group your tables if needed. 

Visual Floor Plan
Manage  Bar Tabs

Manage Bar Tabs

You can quickly and accurately record orders in a bar while focusing on customers – even track tabs by customer description. It provides both pre-auth or regular bar tabs. 

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Wine Recipe

You can use Recipes to accurately track raw material consumption. They are very useful in Bars and can be used in restaurants too. Requires Inventory Plugin.

Efficient Employee Management

Efficient Employee Management

With customized employee access levels you can limit what information your employee can see on the POS.  POS will maintain employee attendance with the clock in and clock time and also generate Payroll, tips, and TRAC reports.  For any errors, managers can adjust attendance and keep it running smoothly.  It will provide you real-time employee sales statistics, hourly productive reports, and keep track of void and wastages.

Reservation System

Integrating your reservation system streamlines both your and your customers’ experience. When your customers arrive, they get to avoid the queues and go straight to their table, and you simply bring up their reservation and assign it to their bill. Reservation is part of the Floor Plan plugin. 


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Reservation System

POS in a Tablet

Empower your servers with full-featured POS in tablets. ORO POS support any Windows or Linux tablets. Boost sale and improve table service time.