$ 19.99

/ month

paid annually

Terminal license* for a complete POS System with 24×7 helpdesk support.

  • Customizable Order type
  • Flexible Menu designer
  • Gift card generator
  • EMV Payment for USA and Canada
  • Unlimited users
  • Access to Knowledgebase
  • Auto upgrade

Some key features are listed here.

  • A versatile Point of sale system

    • ORO POS is a non-cloud POS system.
    • You can install all by yourself in your hardware, keep the database in your store premise and get full control of everything.
    • The system will run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
    • Can run in a single computer with an embedded database or in multiple terminals connected to a central DB server.


    Order types

    • Based on the nature of the business tickets are created, managed and paid by different order types.
    • Ships with Takeout, Dine In and Retail type orders. Stores can create their own order types and keep records again them.
    • With Cust plugin, POS can extend itself for Home delivery or Pick up.


    Receipt Designer

    • Receipt template will let you quickly building sales and kitchen receipt.
    • You can add the desired contents like the store, server, customer, taxes, tips suggestion,  and marketing texts there. For more click here


    Visual Menu designer

    • Drag and drop items and arrange items on multiple pages per group.
    • Create rules to show items by terminals and categories.
    • Show items by Shift.
    • Can handle a huge number of items without affecting the performance.  It was tested with half million items in Postgresql database


    Gift Card Generator

    • Includes a Gift card generator
    • Import and export Gift cards
    • Add fund to a Gift card and generate gift card transaction report
    • Gift card activation and status in the Front end.

    Integrated Kitchen Display


    Other features


    The license is for software only.  No hardware included. The terminal connected to the internet will automatically update the license. Customer may send us the terminal key, we will send the copy of the license through our helpdesk and email. Read additional information.

  • Brew Beautiful Receipts in the Back-office

    Brew Beautiful Receipts in the Back-office

    Templates and Vars

    No need to go for compiling receipts. Most of the changes you can do in Receipt configuration in less than a minute. Select variables from the sidebar, click on preview, save and done. Since templates stored in the database, all the terminals will be updated instantly. ORO support 80, 76 and 58mm paper sizes.

    Kitchen Display

    Kitchen Display

    KDS can replace paper printers and improve communication between the kitchen and front end.  Stores can track delays in the kitchen and also orders prepared and waiting to be served. ORO POS KDS has options for both touchscreen monitor and bump bar.  Learn more



    Toggle Ticket-pane

    Toggle Ticket-pane

    Configure the POS such a way it can show ticket preview in either right or left side of the window.

    Integrated Gift Card System

    Integrated Gift Card System

    Gift card generator is integrated into the POS application. Stores can create them, sell, activate and redeem then. You can export bulk gift cards in excel spreadsheet and send to magnetic card manufacturer.

    Efficient Employee Management

    Efficient Employee Management

    With customized employee access levels you can limit what information your employee can see on the POS.  POS will maintain employee attendance with the clock in and clock time and also generate Payroll, tips and TRAC reports.  For any errors, managers can adjust attendance and keep it running smoothly.  It will provide you real-time employee sales statistics, hourly productive reports and keep track of void and wastages.

    Shift-wise pricing

    Shift-wise pricing

    Create price shifts and let your POS system automatically change prices for selected times, and never worry about entering the price manually.

    Splitting and merging ticket

    Splitting and merging ticket

    With ORO POS, servers can split checks by the number of guests, items ordered by individuals or equally by number. You can also merge tickets and transfer items.