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Inventory plugin adds multi-location, multi-unit inventory system in ORO POS system.

  •     In ORO POS inventory comes as a separate plugin and provides full control of the stock. This system incredibly in-depth, with the ability to store information on thousands of items. We have focused the system in such a way it is easy to learn and saves valuable hours of training to a new employee on the system.   We include all the required features for real-time monitoring, low-stock alerts, and raw ingredient tracking. The inventory system can handle unlimited levels of locations and purchase order creation in a few clicks. Inventory sync up seamlessly with POS, adjust items as they are sold and can export reports to import in external Accounting software.  If your business is large enough to be operating out of more than one location you may want your inventory management to run fluidly between stores. Item codes are unique in such a way they never messed up. You can keep an eye on your inventory at all locations and check for features like the ability to set up transfers and delivery of stock from one location to the other.


    Raw Materials & Finished Items

    The inventory system can handle a large number of items and manage them by vendors and units. It can print barcode labels and track each item with the scanners. 


    Purchase Order

    • Create Purchase order
    • Receipts items in different types of packages ( like box, cartoon, case)
    • Approve purchase order and send to the registered vendor over email.
    • Full and partial receive of items.
    • Increase on hand and available balance based automatically.


    Reorder and Shopping list

    • Set reorder level in items
    • Build lists of items to be replenished called shopping list.


    Deduct Inventory on Sale

    • Configure inventory such a way when an item is sold its removed from inventory.
    • Generate transaction reports by items.


    Recipe / BoM

    • Create default recipes for items and add ingredients.
    • Add labor cost and get the estimated cost of production.
    •  Recipe by multiple units.
    • Automatic update stock on sale
    • Generate estimate report for the catering business.
    • Bars can use the recipes for keeping track of wine and beer.



    • Create multiple locations and sub-locations ( like Warehouse, Store, Shelf, Bin etc)
    • Record stock by locations and units.
    • On Hand reports.
    • Default In and out locations for an automated stock update.



    • On hand reports.
    • Average cost report.
    • Transaction reports.



    • Vendor database.
    • Average and Last price-based costing method.
  • Stock count

    Stock count

    The stock count is essential for finalizing physical inventory and is available through Inventory plugin. Store officers can load ORO POS and use the barcode scanner for counting a vast number of products in retail stores.

    Wine Recipe

    Wine Recipe

    You can use Recipes to accurately track raw material consumption. They are very useful in Bars and can be used in restaurants too. Requires Inventory Plugin.

  • Feature ORO POS Inventory Plugin Floreant POS Inventory Plugin
    Multi-location Yes No
    Raw material inventory  Yes Yes
    Finished good inventory Yes No
    Purchase order and partial receive  Yes No
    Recipe Advanced Basic


    Compare with Floreant POS Plugin