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Your Pizza Business Thrives On ORO POS

Full service at a slice of cost and effort.


  You need a POS like this because

    Pizza Business is so different!

Visual Pizza Designer 

 Pizza ordering was never so easy! Order taking wizard will prompt for Crust, Size, and toppings and send the order to the kitchen in less than a minute.

Sectional Order

Spread your toppings across the whole, half, or quarter sections. ORO POS is one of the few POS systems in the market that can record pizza toppings in such a intuitive way.

Delivery System

 A common way is to receive an order that is over phone or online. Cust plugin is specially designed to cater to such needs. 


Intuitive Pizza Designer

The fast and accurate Pizza ordering system

  • Supports Personal, Small, Large, Extra large or custom sizes of Pizza
  • Different Curst types.
  • Modifier window for full, half and quarter section.
  • Pizza price by Sizes, Crusts, and Multipliers.
  • Sections and full-size topping pricings
  • Modifier price by pizza sizes.
Intuitive Pizza Designer

Online and Caller ID Order

Manage your Delivery and phone order business with Ease with Cust plugin. 

  • Manage safe contactless delivery and Pickup with guest notes.
  • Fast delivery taking with google map based address validation.
  • Reorder foods that guest ordered before.
  • Filter orders by time.
  • Automatically bump items to the kitchen before delivery.
  • Highlight late deliveries by Red and Yellow.
  • Save delivery history and reorder.
  • Integrate online order from Menugreat.com

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POS in a Tablet

Empower your servers with full-featured POS in tablets. ORO POS support any Windows or Linux tablets. Boost sale and improve table service time.

Shift-wise pricing

Shift-wise pricing

Create price shifts and let your POS system automatically change prices for selected times, and never worry about entering the price manually.

Online Order

Receive Online Order from   Online Ordering System. Manage online stores from cloud or POS.  It includes real-time notification and printing tickets to the kitchen.  

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Online Order