Your Pizza Business Thrives On ORO POS

Full service at a slice of cost and effort.

Intuitive Pizza Designer

The fast and accurate Pizza ordering system

  • Support various sizes of Pizza: Personal, Small, Large, Extra large or custom sizes of Pizza
  • Different curst types.
  • Graphical modifier window for full, half and quarter section.
  • Pizza price builder by Sizes, Crusts, and Multipliers.
  • Sections and full-size topping pricings
  • Modifier price by pizza sizes.
Intuitive Pizza Designer

Home Delivery and Pickup

Manage your Delivery and phone order business with Ease with Cust plugin.

  • Take delivery orders in only a few clicks.
  • Search existing customer by phone
  • Assign driver.
  • Filter orders by time.
  • Automatically bump items to the kitchen before delivery.
  • Highlight late deliveries by Red and Yellow.
  • Save delivery history and reorder.

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POS in a Tablet

Empower your servers with full-featured POS in tablets. ORO POS support any Windows or Linux tablets. Boost sale and improve table service time.

Shift-wise pricing

Shift-wise pricing

Create price shifts and let your POS system automatically change prices for selected times, and never worry about entering the price manually.