Software Support Terms and Conditions – ORO POS – Point of Sale

Software Support Terms and Conditions

Support bundled with the sale of ORO POS is also known as helpdesk service and this document will be considered as a support contract between end-user and OROCUBE LLC.  OROCUBE LLC reserves the right to alter this agreement at any time, for any reason, without notice. Our support only the online ticketing system.  Remote access/phone/any other real-time support may require additional costs starting from $99/hr. 


During the time of support period

  • OROCUBE will fix any bugs or errors free of cost. The user must send screenshots, videos, and steps to regenerate the bugs/errors.  
  • OROCUBE will provide end-user unlimited access to Knowledge-base in ORO POS Guide.
  • End-user can create a Help-desk ticket on for any question or bug. 
  • Helpdesk turnaround time is 3- 6 hours during the work day and up to 12 hours on weekends and holidays. 
  • Assist menu programming with a spreadsheet(google spreadsheet or excel) supplied by the end-user. 
  • End-user can request 3 Remote access support to each not exceeding 1.5 hours in 30days of purchase of the products. 
  • For any question on product features, OROCUBE rep will demonstrate the feature in an online hosted demo pos computer.

End-user responsibilities 

  • After purchase, end-user should communicate or request all support tickets from the email used during the purchase.
  • End-user will ensure some qualified technicians to install and maintain the operating systems, drivers, databases or any third-party tools. 
  • End-user will provide remote access by installing  Zoom/Splashtop.
  • End-user must provide facilities to access the remote terminal as needed. 
  • The support representative will “try to assist” but not responsible for any network configuration, TCP-IP, DNS, SMTP, web service, etc.
  • OROCUBE may not install any database other than included in the Apache Derby database. 
  • Firewall, Tunneling, VPN or proxy configuration is out of the scope of support 
  • End-user will provide an error log and database copy if needed.

Software Copy policy

Unless you have been granted prior, written consent from OROCUBE LLC., you may not:

  • Reproduce, distribute, or transfer the Software, or portions thereof, to any third party.
  • Sell, rent, lease, assign or sublet the Software or portions thereof.
  • Grant rights to any other person.
  • Use the Software in violation of any U.S. or international law or regulation.


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