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Software Support Terms and Conditions

Software Support Agreement This document serves as a support contract between OROCUBE LLC and the end-user of the ORO POS software. OROCUBE LLC reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time without notice. Support is provided through an online ticketing system. Additional costs for remote access, phone, or other real-time support may be incurred, starting at $99 per hour.

  1. During the support period, OROCUBE will provide the following services: Fixing bugs or errors at no cost, and providing the end-user supplies screenshots, videos, and steps to reproduce the bugs/errors.
  • Unlimited access to the ORO POS Knowledge-base.
  • Assistance with menu programming using a spreadsheet (Google Sheets or Excel) provided by the end user.
  • Three remote access support sessions (not exceeding 1.5 hours each) within 30 days of product purchase.
  • Demonstrations of product features in an online hosted demo POS computer upon request.

2. End-user responsibilities include:

  • Communicating or requesting all support tickets from the email used during purchase.
  • We are ensuring qualified technicians to install and maintain operating systems, drivers, databases, and any third-party tools.
  • Providing remote access through Zoom/Splashtop and facilities to access the remote terminal as needed.
  • Providing an error log and database copy if needed.

3. OROCUBE is not responsible for network configuration, TCP-IP, DNS, SMTP, web service, etc. and may not install any database other than the included Apache Derby database. Firewall, Tunneling, VPN or proxy configuration is out of the scope of support.

4. Software Copy Policy:

  • Reproduction, distribution, or transfer of the Software or portions thereof to any third party without written consent from OROCUBE LLC is prohibited.
  • Selling, renting, leasing, assigning, or subletting the Software or portions thereof is prohibited.
  • Granting rights to any other person are prohibited.
  • Using the software in violation of any U.S. or international law or regulation is prohibited.

    Rev 1.03.3