icon-user Staff Banking

Allows each server to maintain his or her own personal cash drawer without having to have a traditional cash drawer like a bartender would have. This can help cut down on shrinkage or loss.


 icon-signal  Sales Analytics

Learn your business better with our back office reports. Get a clear picture of sales, tax, wastage, and expenses. Find detail report and see changes in stock, payment, staff performance to suggest business optimizations.


 icon-thumbs-up  Know your customers

Get an insight into your customers’ need. Loyalty programs provide powerful motivation for buyers to create accounts, come back, and spend more. Even better, they create meaningful connections.

Common features

Kitchen Display

KDS can replace paper printers and improve communication between the kitchen and front end.  Stores can track delays in the kitchen and also orders prepared and waiting to be served. ORO POS KDS has options for both touchscreen monitor and bump bar.  Learn more



Home Delivery and Pickup

Manage your Delivery and phone order business with Ease with Cust plugin.

  • Take delivery orders in only a few clicks.
  • Search existing customer by phone
  • Assign driver.
  • Filter orders by time.
  • Automatically bump items to the kitchen before delivery.
  • Highlight late deliveries by Red and Yellow.
  • Save delivery history and reorder.

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Customer Monitor

A great way for a customer to track changes in their orders. They will be fully aware of this monitor about their orders and payments. With large pictures of the menu items also makes it more attractive to customers.


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Intuitive Pizza Designer

The fast and accurate Pizza ordering system

  • Support various sizes of Pizza: Personal, Small, Large, Extra large or custom sizes of Pizza
  • Different curst types.
  • Graphical modifier window for full, half and quarter section.
  • Pizza price builder by Sizes, Crusts, and Multipliers.
  • Sections and full-size topping pricings
  • Modifier price by pizza sizes.
Intuitive Pizza Designer

Other Features


ORO POS has a multi-location inventory that has the following key features.

  • Purchase Order
  • Full and partial receiving of orders.
  • Multi-location stock maintenance.
  • Recipe/BoM
  • Transfer items.
  • Convert units.
  • Stock count operating.
  • Avg and Last price costing.
  • Vendor database.

Inventory is shipped as a plugin.

Kitchen Item Sticker

Kitchen Item Sticker

 Item sticker is a great way for increasing accuracy from counter to customer. Add a label or restick printer and start it today. 


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Advanced Reports

ORO POS and its plugins offer advanced reports including menu usage, inventory, cash, and credit card transaction details and summary. The latest version of the POS includes dashboard showing store insights. Power users also can connect the database with any business intelligence tools.

Advanced Reports

Meal Courses

Fine dining restaurants can plan meal courses in ORO POS. It can start from three courses, appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. From there, it can decide on the number of dishes it will like available under each course. 


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POS in your language

Maintain item name in two languages. Print kitchen receipt in second language. Change user language files and make the POS for your language. 


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Combo Items

With ORO POS you can create combo meals where you can add selected items and number of items from groups.

Brew Beautiful Receipts in the Back-office

Templates and Vars

No need to go for compiling receipts. Most of the changes you can do in Receipt configuration in less than a minute. Select variables from the sidebar, click on preview, save and done. Since templates stored in the database, all the terminals will be updated instantly. ORO support 80, 76 and 58mm paper sizes.

Brew Beautiful Receipts in the Back-office

Design menu in a easy way

Menu designer will guide you in a visual way to lay in items in multiple pages.

Items are separated from the Menu system. So you can create thousands of items and create menu pages and attach items you need to show.

Efficient Employee Management

With customized employee access levels you can limit what information your employee can see on the POS.  POS will maintain employee attendance with the clock in and clock time and also generate Payroll, tips and TRAC reports.  For any errors, managers can adjust attendance and keep it running smoothly.  It will provide you real-time employee sales statistics, hourly productive reports and keep track of void and wastages.

Efficient Employee Management
Integrated Gift Card System

Integrated Gift Card System

Gift card generator is integrated into the POS application. Stores can create them, sell, activate and redeem then. You can export bulk gift cards in excel spreadsheet and send to magnetic card manufacturer.

Lightning Speed

Take more orders in less time. ORO POS integrates a superfast order taking a system, saving every extra tapping in a touchscreen.

Lightning Speed
Loyalty Points in Receipt

Loyalty Points in Receipt

Let customer visit your store and earn loyalty points. Aside that receipt contains tips suggestion and custom text to increase returning visitors. Requires Cust Plugin.

Manage Bar Tabs

You can quickly and accurately record orders in a bar while focusing on customers – even track tabs by customer description. It provides both pre-auth or regular bar tabs.

Manage  Bar Tabs

POS in a Tablet

Empower your servers with full-featured POS in tablets. ORO POS support any Windows or Linux tablets. Boost sale and improve table service time.

Reservation System

Integrating your reservation system streamlines both your and your customers’ experience. When your customers arrive, they get to avoid the queues and go straight to their table, and you simply bring up their reservation and assign it to their bill. Reservation is part of the FloorPlan plugin.

Reservation System

Splitting and merging ticket

With ORO POS, servers can split checks by the number of guests, items ordered by individuals or equally by number. You can also merge tickets and transfer items.

Wine Recipe

You can use Recipes to accurately track raw material consumption. They are very useful in Bars and can be used in restaurants too. Requires Inventory Plugin.

Stock count

Stock count

The stock count is essential for finalizing physical inventory and is available through Inventory plugin. Store officers can load ORO POS and use the barcode scanner for counting a vast number of products in retail stores.

Suits all types of Business

You can change the order types and make it exactly how your business needs.  It has predefined order types for takeout, dine in, delivery and retail types of business – but can be tailored for all other forms of business including a cafeteria, coffee shops, food truck. ORO POS has special features for bars, nightclubs, and country clubs.

Suits all types of Business

Toggle Ticket-pane

Configure the POS such a way it can show ticket preview in either right or left side of the window.