Floorplan(Floreant POS)

$ 5.00

/ month

paid annually

  • Create floor layouts
  • Drag & Drop Table arrangement
  • Multi-floor management
  • Table types
  • Table booking

    Get Floorplan Plugin for Floreant POS. It will add the following features to your POS system.

    • Create visual Layout of Restaurant Floor.
    • Supports  Multiple floors or rooms
    • Reservation system for Tables
    • Classify Tables by types.
    • Tracking Tables Status.

    Send terminal key after you have ordered a license. If you have any issues you can directly contact: support@orocube.net


    Some Screenshots:



  • Feature ORO POS Floorplan Plugin Floreant POS Floorplan Plugin
    Maximum number of tickets per table Unlimited 1
    Item wise split Yes No
    Visual seat plan for seat-based order Yes No
    Bar tab Full Partial 


    Compare with ORO POS Plugin

Plugin for Floreant POS