Grow Your Business With ORO POS

  • Staff banking

    It essentially allows each server to maintain his or her own personal cash drawer without having to have a traditional cash drawer like a bartender would have. This can help cut down on shrinkage or loss.

    Split check

    Provides an opportunity to a customer within the same transaction to choose any number of payment types. You can use Split Bills to divide by items, by the number of people, or even manually.

    Tips suggestion

    Tips suggestion in guest check makes it easy for the customers to calculate their tips and pay accordingly.

  • PCI compliance and EMV

    We make your system 100% secured with pre-approved EMV and PCI compliant card reader. You never will miss a order and can adjust tips after the customer has left the premise.

    Coupons and Discounts

    Create unlimited coupons and discounts and apply them to receipts or specific items.

    Gift card

    Generate gift cards in-store and then enjoy the sales boost. Customers can gift from anywhere and introduce your business to their friends and family.

  • Customer payment

    Customers can open accounts, deposit money to use it any future purchase.

    Customer monitor

    Use second monitor screen to recommend additional items and advertise specials for upselling.

    Loyalty point

    Loyalty programs provide powerful motivation for buyers to create accounts, come back, and spend more. Even better, they create meaningful connections.

  • Payroll

    You can view the wages each employee has accrued, calculated based on the timesheet rules and hours worked. Declared tip and non-cash tips can also be adjusted in our POS

    Employee attendance

    Manage all your staff and keep a record of total hours worked including for the cook, server, manager, cashier, driver and admin assistant who do not normally have access to the food ordering functions on the POS.

    Tips payout

    Login as admin/manager, get the detail of tips by employees and perform tips payout.