Bars - ORO POS - Point of Sale


Bar tab, Wine Recipe and Tips management


A POS that serves Bar with satisfaction

ORO POS turns your bar a place for a happy experience for the customer and an enjoyable job for bartenders pouring every drop with satisfaction.


Manage Bar Tabs

You can quickly and accurately record orders in a bar while focusing on customers – even track tabs by customer description. It provides both pre-auth or regular bar tabs. 

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Manage  Bar Tabs
Item description with recipe

Item description with recipe

Shows description of the item and recipe instruction with unit selector

Splitting and merging ticket

With ORO POS, servers can split checks by the number of guests, items ordered by individuals, or equally by number. You can also merge tickets and transfer items.

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Wine Recipe

You can use Recipes to accurately track raw material consumption. They are very useful in Bars and can be used in restaurants too. Requires Inventory Plugin.

Shift-wise pricing

Shift-wise pricing

Create price shifts and let your POS system automatically change prices for selected times, and never worry about entering the price manually.