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Store sessions, opening and closing store

In ORO POS store can start operation at any time and close it the same day or next day.  Store operation hours are recorded in the system as store sessions. This store open and close operations are maintained by managers or authorized users. In the latest version store can be automatically open on first clock in and close at a certain time.



Starting store session

 Opening a store is an important process. This should be done an authorized person only.

In the morning authorized person would clock in and tap on “Open Store & Clock In” button.


The following user dashboard should appear and he should be prompted to open the store.



When the store session starts, the server can start taking order. To receive payment one of the drawers in the terminal or staff banks must be open. Store open/close permission is set in the  user type as follows.

Assign Cash drawer 

From Clock in the dialog assign cash drawer. If you do not see any drawer assign button, go to the back office and check if the cash drawer is enabled.

By default Drawer initial balance is set to 00 USD. Make sure you have set the correct amount of your choice.



Assign Staff banks.

In some restaurants, servers cash bags and keep records of payments. Before they leave the store they deposit money to their managers. This process, known as Staff Bank is similar to assigning a Drawer. One difference is the employees must have permission to run their bank. Staff banks can be automatically started during clock in. In some case server manually open it. In case they do not start their bank, payments are added in the cash drawer. 



Preparation for Store Closing

Tips adjustment in preauthorized ticket

Go to the clock in screen and follow the steps below:


Tips pay out

From the clock in screen pay the tips with the following steps:


Closing Cash drawers 

Clock In in as Admin/ Manager. Check if all drawers and staff banks are closed with Store Status Button. If not all Drawers are closed, select drawer/ staff bank and close it.

To close drawer




Closing Staff Banks



Clocking out employees

Notify all of your employees to clock out. If some employees forget to clock out before leaving the store you should force clock out them. The admin/manager whoever is closing the store should not clock out in this stage.



Closing store 

2.4.1 Make sure all tickets are closed prior to closing store, If there are open tickets left and all drawers are closed, open a drawer, take payment and close drawer.

2.4.2 Capture all Authorized tickets.

Finally, close store with Close Store button from Store Status.




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