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Ticket Splitting in ORO POS

Splitting ticket is very common in restaurants and bars.  You can split a ticket from the following three places.


Split ticket in table service


If you have floorplan plugin this will look different. 


Split ticket from “Orders”


Go to orders screen and select the ticket and press split button. 



Split ticket in settlement screen




Types of split


A ticket can be equally split among the guests or can split manually and by seat.



In case of equal and manual split the system will ask for the number of splits.



For example if a guest asks for 3 equal splits, the system will devide the existing ticket into 3 equal tickets.



In case of manual split, the system will create new tickets and show options to move or split menu items across different tickets. 



  1. Ticket selector to load ticket in the right panel. 
  2. To create a new ticket if necessary. 
  3. Main ticket.
  4. Transferring menu items to another ticket.

  5. Splitting a menu item in half. 

  6. Spliting a menu item accross all the tickets equally.

  7.  Item split among selected tickets.


Splitting a ticket by seat

Turn on the seat based order feature foollowing the article below,


Seat Based Order


When server takes order by seat number and select seat based split, the system will generate new ticket for every seat. and the respective items are transferred to those tickets. In the following example, A table with 6 seats ordered 7 items. Guest seating in number 1 ordered 2 items. So the ticket number 1 will show two items. In the same manner the other guests will find their own tickets. 



In the pos after splitting the tickets will look like the following picture,


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