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Pre-authorize & Tips Processing

In many countries, guests pay the bill with Card, sign the final receipt with desired tips and leave the store.  Some processors/gateway allow adding tips on a closed ticket, but many other processors do not. 

One way to handle the situation is to Pre-Authorize tickets with some % more amount and capture them.  Before capturing transactions server can go to the authorize list and add tips.    


How to turn on Pre-Authorization on payment

To enable pre-authorize go to Back Office→ Admin→ Order Type→ edit→ Pre-authorize credit card. 

Please note: Once you have captured a ticket you cannot add tips. 

The maximum amount of tips cannot adjust tips more than the pre-authorized amount even though the customer signed it. The administrator can adjust max % tips on the ticket amount in the Back-office->Config->Terminal->Card section.


Adjust tips and Capture

 Capture Pre-Authorized tickets

IMPORTANT: Card must add tips before the batch is closed.  This is very important for PAX or similar PIN PAD devices because when the batch is closed all Pre-authorize data are removed from the PIN PAD device. If you add tips later or try to void that transaction POS will show error messages that Data not found.