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Migration from Floreant POS to ORO POS

Migration is tested in Derby server (Floreant POS) to Derby server (Oropos) only.

1.  Floreant POS  database 

If you are running Derby Single, you need to convert Derby Single to Derby Server. 

1.1 Derby Single database to Derby Server.

Go to Floreant pos folder. Copy your database from Derby Single folder to Derby server. You can rename posdb to posdb_FP .


 2. Restart Derby Server  


3. Set up an Empty database for ORO POS


4. Go to ORO POS Backoffice

Go to Backoffice->Admin menu select “Migrate from FloreantPOS” option



Setup source as Floreant POS’s database. In destination check “Current database”.


5. Restart ORO POS 

You can now log in to back-office find all items. Please note that the Migration process will copy Menu items to OROPOS. There are new user permissions in ORO POS. So you have to re-assign them as follows

Build  Menu pages, set images of items and you are done.