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Send vs Hold vs Done

If a server logs in terminal (a)  and started taking orders  POS creates a temporary ticket in memory. In case she presses CANCEL  all items will be lost and the ticket will be destroyed. POS has two ways to save it to the database,  DONE and HOLD.  The following table will show their difference.


Action Description Status
NEW You add items and modifiers until you press any of the buttons. Items will stay White color. White means on memory. They will be lost if canceled.
SEND Send all items to the kitchen but Stay in Order taking Screen. You can add an item at a time and send. They will create separate kitchen chit If items printed are marked as DEEP yellow
HOLD Save all the items and Quit order taking the screen. All items saved are marked as LIGHT yellow
DONE Send all the unsent items. Quit the order taking the screen.  It usually prompts you if a member wants to pay or not. All printed items will be a DEEP yellow.





Figure:  Order Processing in ORO POS

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