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Recommended Hardware

1. PC Terminal

   Min. Configuration
  • Intel Dual core processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB SSD
  • Monitor 1024×768 +



2. Receipt Printer

 Printer Model  Brand  Remark
  • EPSON TM 88V
 Epson  80mm Thermal, Fast
 Epson  80mm Thermal, Medium
  • Star Micronics TSP 100**
 Star Micronics  Needs 76mm



3. Kitchen Printer

 Printer Model  Brand  Remark
  • EPSON TM U220
 Epson  76mm, Impact
  • TSP 7000**
 Star Micronics  76mm, Impact



4. Cash Drawer

  • APG 1616



5. Cash Drawer Trigger

  • BT-100U 

BT-100U Cash Drawer Driver Trigger With USB Interface



5. Digital Scale

  • CAS SW-RS 10lb
  • CAS SW-RS 20lb

CAS SW-RS 20lb Small Footprint POS Interface Scale **Full Year Guarantee**



6. Label Printer

  • Dymo Label Writer 450



6. Payment Devices

 Printer Model  Brand  Remark
  • PAX S300
 PAX EMV, Contactless, Swipe, Key entry,  Debit, Credit, PIN Debit, Signature, Gift card.
  • Dejavoo Z9
  • Dejavoo Z11
 Dejavoo  EMV, Swipe, Key entry, Debit, Credit, PIN Debit. Cloud-connected.
* Some may include Printer
  • eDynamo
Magtek  EMV, Debit, Credit
* May not support PIN Debit.


**Recently some Star printer driver caused margin issue in receipt/kitchen printing. So we have limited support for TSP 100.

For other hardware, you can choose from certified hardware list


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