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ORO POS 1.4 Upgrade Terms & Conditions

Software Upgrade Terms & Conditions for ORO POS 1.4

Thank you for choosing ORO POS as your preferred point-of-sale software. As part of our commitment to providing the best user experience and ensuring your software remains up-to-date and secure, we are offering an upgrade option for customers who purchased ORO POS 1.4 in 2018 and 2019.

  1. Phased-Out Software ORO POS 1.4, purchased in 2018 and 2019, has been phased out, and ongoing support and updates for this version are no longer available. To continue receiving software updates, bug fixes, and customer support, we recommend upgrading to the latest version, ORO POS 1.5 or any latest version.
  2. Upgrade Options Customers who are currently using ORO POS 1.4 have two upgrade options: a. Upgrade with Database Migration: For a one-time fee of $99, you can upgrade your existing ORO POS 1.4 installation to ORO POS 1.5. This upgrade includes a seamless database migration from 1.4 to 1.5, ensuring that your data and configurations are preserved during the transition. b. Renew License for ORO POS 1.4: Alternatively, you may purchase a new license for ORO POS 1.5. Upon completing the purchase, please send us a note with your license request for legacy 1.4 version, and we will promptly issue the licenses.
  3. License Extension and Renewal We regret to inform you that we cannot extend the license for ORO POS 1.4. Clients who wish to continue using ORO POS must purchase a new license for ORO POS 1.5. The new license will provide access to the latest version of the software and entitle you to receive updates and support for the specified duration.
  4. Support and Updates By upgrading to ORO POS 1.5, you gain access to the latest features, enhancements, and security updates. Our customer support team will also be available to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter during the upgrade process or while using the new version.
  5. Upgrade Process To initiate the upgrade process or request a new license, please contact our customer support team through the designated channels provided on our website. They will guide you through the necessary steps and answer any queries you may have.
  6. Data Backup Before proceeding with the upgrade, we strongly recommend that you back up all your existing data and configurations to ensure the safety and integrity of your information during the migration process.
  7. Termination of Support for ORO POS 1.4 As of the effective date of this upgrade program, technical support and updates for ORO POS 1.4 will no longer be available. Clients still using ORO POS 1.4 without upgrading to ORO POS 1.5 will be responsible for maintaining their software, and any issues that arise will not be addressed by our support team.

By choosing to upgrade to ORO POS 1.5, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined above. We value your continued support and look forward to providing you with an enhanced and seamless experience with ORO POS 1.5.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

Doc: UGT23.00.2/23