1.4.153 - ORO POS - Point of Sale



New features

  • Now print button can be hidden from order info dialogue.

Bug fixes:

  • Mouse Scroll did not work in ticket view of group settle window. (OR-854)
  • NO character or ‘+’ was saved on phone number section of customer creation form. (OR-876)
  • Large number was not being calculated properly for item multiplier’s price. (OR-983)
  • Back office did not appear after minimizing it. (OR-1073)
  • An unexpected send report button appeared when clicking hide page button in a menu page. (OR-1169)
  • Number format was not showing correctly in open tickets list window. (OR-1176)
  • Seat number format was not showing properly in the kitchen display. (OR-1195)
  • Item discount could not be added for combo item. (OR-1199)
  • The “icon” column should be removed from course explorer view. (OR-1203)
  • Service charge field should be added in retail view. (OR-1208)
  • Sales area was not being cleared when switching the order type. (OR-1209)
  • All currencies could be removed, leaving the system in a inconsistent state. (OR-1220)
  • Delete exception dialogue box details section was empty for some combo group items. (OR-1228)
  • Wrong alert message was showing when creating report group with same name. (OR-1230)
  • Menu page name didn’t update properly. (OR-1240)
  • Concurrent menu item modification from two different terminals  was causing error. (OR-1276)
  • Error on kitchen receipt test print from receipt configuration view. (OR-1289)
  • Other bug fixes.