1.4.155 - ORO POS - Point of Sale



New features

  • Added option to show subtotal without tax when tax is included in item price. This option can be enabled in store configuration.

  • Added tool tips to top buttons of the main interface.







  • Token number can now be inputted manually. This can be enabled by checking “Enable token no. manual input” in order type configuration.


  • Added  refund column in session summary report.

  • Added option to print receipt when kitchen ticket is bumped. This can be enabled in kitchen display tab of terminal configuration.This receipt can be printed by packing printer.


  • Store name is now shown in the interface. (Or-1305)




Bug fixes:

  • Detached items were showing in menu page. (Or-1244)
  • Min quantity could be greater than max quantity in modifier groups. (Or-1247)
  • Unexpected send report button appeared when applying discount in zero priced item. (Or-1248)
  • Unexpected send report button appeared when clicking apply to others button in modifier groups. (Or-1249)
  • Order type were missing from login view when sales area was added in terminal configuration.(Or-1250)
  • Large amount was not showing in the tendered amount field.(Or-1253)
  • Unexpected send report button appeared when physical printer is offline.(Or-1254)
  • An exception message was throwing when deleting a pizza item.(Or-1256)
  • Unexpected send report button appeared when null percentage set in multiplier.(Or-1260)
  • Unexpected send report button appeared when editing modifier name.(Or-1261)
  • UI improvement in Pizza explorer.(Or-1271)
  • Course items shouldn’t be moved after items are sent to the kitchen.(Or-1272)
  • UI improvement in currency dialogue.(Or-1285) 
  • The close sign of the image gallery was not working.(Or-1297)
  • Table row data was not showing large text properly.(Or-1298)
  • Discount was not removed when modifiable discount applied.(Or-1299)
  • The void reason character limit should be fixed.(Or-1303)
  • Multipliers explorer was not working.(Or-1306)
  • Business hour shifts were not being deleted properly. (Or-1308)
  • Modifier list was not refreshing properly.(Or-1309)
  • Customer image could not be removed from customer.(Or-1311)
  • Splitting error occurred when store configuration changes.(Or-1312)
  • Selecting vendors form variant was not working.(Or-1314)
  • Menu button image size was too small.(Or-1315)
  • Multiple currency breakdown was not showing correctly in payment receipt.(Or-1319)
  • Incorrect totals when a void or a discount were applied. (Or-1323)
  • Tax was not add properly when store configuration changes. (Or-1326)
  • Ticket discount amount is not showing properly in ticket settlement view.(Or-1335)
  • Ticker Discount error occurred.(Or-1347)