1.4.156 - ORO POS - Point of Sale



New features

  • Added payout report. This can be accessed from Backoffice-> Reports.
  • Now receipt shows remaining balance of the gift card when payment is made using gift card.
  • Gift card changes in POS.

  • Added a new job ‘Payout report’ in job scheduler

Bug fixes:

  • The voided item quantity was not showing correctly in kitchen display. (Or-1324)
  • Default gratuity was not working. (Or-1194)
  • Duplicate modifiers could be attached in modifiers groups tab. (Or-1316)
  • Terminal cash drawer assigning and closing mismatch. (Or-1318)
  • Modifiers group tab was not update when modifiers group changed. (Or-1320)
  • When select any custom payment the enable check box should be disabled. (Or-1325)
  • UI improvement in pizza form. (Or-1332)
  • Kitchen status button was not working in Linux operating system. (Or-1354)
  • Menu item sales & cost price could be negative. (Or-1358)
  • Open cash drawer report could not show in cash drawer explorer. (Or-1359)
  • Added new fields in Inventory Closing Balance. (Or-1362)
  • Custom payment table should be removed from terminal configuration. (Or-1363)
  • When loyalty discount applied ticket discount was not applied on that same ticket. (Or-1364)
  • Service charge could be added in gift card transaction report. (Or-1377)
  • An unexpected send report button appeared when input a large number in sort order. (Or-1385)
  • The price amount length was not fixed in pizza pricing table. (Or-1386)
  • Order Type “Retail” didn’t allow the tax exempt. (Or-1387)
  • Custom payment name should be unique. (Or-1388)
  • Null tips suggestion could be created in receipt configuration. (Or-1389)
  • Price list name should be unique. (Or-1390)
  • In job scheduler time could be alphabetic value. (Or-1391)
  • When searched item by bar code its not found in item search dialogue. (Or-1392)
  • In item search dialogue currency symbol was missing. (Or-1393)
  • Sales & cost price could be negative in default price explorer. (Or-1394)
  • Desktop keyboard was not working in voided quantity selection dialogue. (Or-1395)
  • Expired coupon could be applied in ticket discount. (Or-1396)
  • Payment was not showing properly in ticket settlement view. (Or-1400)
  • User could order without clock in. (Or-1401)
  • Cash drawer id couldn’t be appeared in pay out report instead of terminal number. (Or-1403)
  • Item price was zero when inputted ‘+’ button in default prices. (Or-1404)
  • Currency breakdown couldn’t show in order info for open ticket. (Or-1405)
  • An error message was showing when clicking print test page in main receipt. (Or-1406)
  • Removed multi-currency cash button from group settle window. (Or-1411)
  • Main currency couldn’t be updated when settle by cash. (Or- 1413)
  • When close the cash drawer currency breakdown was not showing. (Or-1414)
  • An unexpected send report button appeared when changing from date in session summery report. (Or-1418)
  • An unexpected send report button appeared when changing terminal in sales summary report –key statistics. (Or-1420)
  • Settle amount added in closed staff bank. (Or-1428)


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