Menugreat Backoffice Console – 2.5.7 - ORO POS - Point of Sale

Menugreat Backoffice Console – 2.5.7

Menugreat Backoffice Console – 2.5.7

New features:

  • Added ‘Cash Config’ menu where a user can set rounding rules for a particular outlet. (ORCL-696)

  • Added ‘Charges’ menu where a user can set the default store tax for a particular outlet. (ORCL-700)


  • Added Store URL field in both registration and store page that is mandatory to register a store and save store info on the store page. Store URL is used to uniquely identify a store. It should not contain space and accept only numbers, letters and underscore. (ORCL-702 & 703)

  • Added search box in taxes page. (ORCL-712)

  • Tax group selection is now mandatory in new tax dialog. (ORCL-705)

Bug fixes:

  • System does not accept non-case-sensitive user email. (ORCL-697)
  • Modifier group min-max values are not validated properly. (ORCL-699)
  • Inventory checkbox does not work correctly for the child variant item. (ORCL-698)
  • By default modifier group is not visible. (ORCL-701)
  • Used tax group can be deleted without showing any message. (ORCL-706)
  • Item price changes after changing item cost. (ORCL-695)