Menugreat Backoffice Console - 2.5 - ORO POS - Point of Sale

Menugreat Backoffice Console – 2.5

Menugreat Backoffice Console – 2.5

Menugreat Backoffice Console – 2.5

Release note


  • UI and color schema have major change. Also, editing item system has been changed. Now when you select an item from the grid, that item’s details will be shown on right.


  • “Attribute” page has been added to the menugreat console page with all common features. (ORCL-567)

  • Service charge can now be configured in order type. (MEN-135)
    • The service charge can now be stated as a percentage or a fixed amount. If the fixed amount is set, that amount will be added as a service charge to the ticket.

  • Delivery and pickup are now easy to on/off. (ORCL-659)

  • Advanced delivery fee configuration option added. In advance configuration, delivery fee can be stated based on order amount. If the advanced option is configured, the system will ignore the normal delivery fee. (ORCL-660)

  • Customer table now show detail data of every customer in the preview area. (ORCL-588)
  • New menu “Online Customer” is added to the marketing page. Online customer will show customers who have ordered online. (ORCL-651)

  • Combo items pricing rule is configurable now. (ORCL-437)

  • The image gallery UI has been improved. (ORCL-594)


  • Now menugreat support groupwise modifier price. (ORCL-575)