Menugreat v1.3 - ORO POS - Point of Sale

Menugreat v1.3

Menugreat v1.3

New features:

  • Now menu item variants are showing with their prices in menu items dialog.


  • Combo menu item modifiers are showing bottom of the combo menu item.
  • Now while clicking menugreat logo user redirects to the home page


Bug fixes:

  • UI improvement for customer registration when sign up from different path (ON-24).
  • After returning my account now user redirect that page from where user go to my account (ON-79).
  • Menu item description input text limit wasn’t fixed (ON-342).
  • Wrong text was showing at credit card dialog in checkout page (ON-373).
  • Delivery address name field input text limit wasn’t fixed (MEN-2).
  • Customer customized location name wouldn’t show in delivery address field (MEN-4).
  • Special instructions was missing when reordered any items (MEN-5).
  • “Flat/apt” took unlimited data and sent error message in checkout page (MEN-6).
  • Tips amount field was not validate in submit page (MEN-7).
  • Delivery not available message was shown for some addresses (ON-380).
  • When reorder the missing items were not notify (MEN-16).
  • Wrong discount amount was showing in menugreat online store (MEN-20).
  • Spelling mistakes occurred in error message dialog  (MEN-21).
  • Discount could be greater than subtotal amount in menugreat  (MEN-30).
  • Latest item price was not applied in menugreat online store (MEN-31).