Menugreat v1.4.2 - ORO POS - Point of Sale

Menugreat v1.4.2

Menugreat v1.4.2

New features:

  • Store Cover photo feature has been provided in the store to improve store view. Now a banner will be displayed in each store.
  • Now customers can show discounts on that store. Customers can copy these codes and apply them for discounts.
  • Now customers can save their credit card for future use. Customers can easily remove a saved card and add a new card.


  • Improved mobile responsiveness to different views.


Bug fixes:

  • User cloud be registered with invalid email. (MEN-81)
  • Pop-up user menu remained visible even after navigating to another page. (MEN-83)
  • All expanded addresses were hidden while hiding an address. (MEN-84)
  • Menugreat accepted the same name in multiple addresses on my profile page. (MEN-85)
  • Menugreat was showing the wrong opening date (MEN-66)
  • Calculation was showing wrong when quantity increasing for a combo item. (MEN-74)