Menugreat v1.4.8 - ORO POS - Point of Sale

Menugreat v1.4.8

Menugreat v1.4.8


  • Delivery time interval is now 15 minutes which was 30 minutes before.
  • No order will be accepted 30 minutes before the store closes. If the closing time of the store is 12:30 PM then no order will be accepted from 12:00 PM.


Bug fixes:

  • Translated name didn’t show in the item name (MEN-87)
  • Removed chat head from different pages. (MEN-102)
  • The outlet failed to deliver in the valid schedule. (MEN-109)
  • All expanded addresses were hidden while hiding an address. (MEN-84)
  • Menugreat accepted the same name in multiple addresses on my profile page. (MEN-85)