Menugreat v1.4 - ORO POS - Point of Sale

Menugreat v1.4

Menugreat v1.4

New features:

  • Details overview of a shop, and its reviews are showing in a new window.
  • Here added some sticky stores in the Menugreat homepage.
  • Here added a noticeboard in the Menugreat if store closes temporarily.
  • Tips section now responsive according to payment method



  • Item detail view in the Menugreat will display wide image.
  • The default size and crust mentions in pizza including default price in case of combo item.

Bug fixes:

  • Done some improvements in OROPOS for the online ordering like auto send kitchen with timer (OR-2195)
  • In combo items adding dialogue there are not showing “Parent items” (ON-237)
  • Log off customer’s cart items are not showing in bar (ON-357)
  • Customer’s login info could saved in the browser (ON-371)
  • When a customer logs off all of his data are stop showing (ON-372)
  • In the customer’s profile delivery address saving name field now validated (MEN-2)
  • Item name can give with unlimited length but it will show 45 characters in front end (MEN-13)
  • Store name now always display in store page (MEN-15)
  • In the pizza menu, if select any size the crust stops auto changed (MEN-34)
  • The store schedule now well match with the ticket settle time (MEN-45)
  • Pizza modifier taxes are applied in the Menugreat online store (MEN-54)
  • Only subtotal amount are showing at place order field in the Menugreat store (MEN-62)