Menugreat v1.5 - ORO POS - Point of Sale

Menugreat v1.5

Menugreat v1.5


  • Added ‘track your order’ button on the checkout page.
  • Order received message improved.
  • The pizza receipt view update.
  • Online discount texts which will be shown in the UI could be decided by the customer.



  • The store address shows a line in-store page.
  • Modifier selection is showing unselected after showing the error message.
  • Removed modifiers could not add to the cart while reordering in Menugreat. 
  • Pizza item cannot order in the fractional unit at Menugreat store. 
  • In-Home side menu bar, child and parent look different view.
  • Without selecting any country state & city cannot be set in the delivery address section. 
  • All the variant items are adding its base price. 
  • Reduced extra space between payment type and payment card info. 
  • The delivery address dialogue properly shows on all mobile browsers. 
  • Texts are visible properly on all mobile browsers. 
  • Separator line is not moving out of the box on the checkout page. 
  • Menugreat well responds while adding pizza item to the cart. 
  • The home view appears after logging out from these pages.
       1. My Profile (
       2. My Orders (
       3. Store page (
       4. Stores ( 
  • Save card info feature is working perfectly for card connect gateway.
  • Special instructions show in order view while ordering the same items multiple times.
  • Checking if the item is still available before adding to the ticket.