Menugreat v1.6 - ORO POS - Point of Sale

Menugreat v1.6

Menugreat v1.6

New features:

1.  Added a feature to display item units in item popup dialog and order view. (MEN-134)

2. It is now possible to configure fixed amount service charge for every order. (MEN-135)

Bug fixes:

  1. URL was showing in place of page title ( MEN-67)
  2. Delivery Minimum amount did not calculate on the subtotal ( MEN-139)
  3. The store logo didn’t show correctly in the store header. ( MEN-142)
  4. Mandatory groups did not show first in the select combo items dialog. ( MEN-143)
  5. An error occurred while adding more modifiers than the maximum quantity. ( MEN-144)
  6. Wrong text appeared in the address section on the checkout page. ( MEN-145)
  7. The email was not unique for each customer. ( MEN-146)
  8. The service charge was not showing in order details. (MEN- 147)