Orocloud v2.4.3 - ORO POS - Point of Sale

Orocloud v2.4.3

Orocloud v2.4.3

New features: 

  •  Added a new menu under the settings menu named “Advanced settings” . In that explorer shows two radio options 1. Allow editing items in the cloud , 2. Edit items in POS only. This menu will only be visible if POS is connected to the cloud.
    • Edit items in POS only: Once POS is connected to the cloud this option will be enabled by default. When this is enabled item, group, category, store configuration etc. will switch to read-only mode. They can be edited from POS only and not from the cloud. Only items in the “Online Ordering” tab will be editable.
    • Allow editing items in the cloud: When this is enabled item, group, category, store configuration etc. can be edited from cloud. (ORCL-484)
  • Added “Duplicate ” button in menu item explorer so that any menu item can be duplicated easily by using this button. After selecting any menu item duplicate button will be visible. (ORCL-486)
  • In menu item explorer added a new column “Translated name” where menu items translated name is showing and also removed “Online price” and “Online items “Columns. (ORCL-498)
  • Added outlet combo box at online items and online category tabs in online ordering explorer. That means now online menu items and category can be set outlet wise. Menu item price also can be set different for different outlet.(ORCL-499)
  • Added a new option in advanced settings menu name ” Show item id on menu explorer “.When user marked this checkbox then menu item id column is visible in menu item explorer. By default in menu item edit explorer menu item id will be showing.(ORCL-500)



  • Now in store configuration time zone automatically set according to the store address. (ORCL-489)
  • Remove add all button from every online items selection dialog.(ORCL-503)



Bug fixes:

  • While saving existing order type sent an error .(ORCL-391)
  • Ticket was not found in payment received report. (ORCL-427)
  • In a variant item after editing parent name variant child items didn’t change.(ORCL-448)