Orocloud v2.4 - ORO POS - Point of Sale

Orocloud v2.4

Orocloud v2.4


New features: 

  • We are introducing a new menu item UI in menugreat console. (ORCL-329)
  • Also, add a new combo box in the header for the query “combo/variant/pizza” item. (ORCL-329)
  • When users click the edit inline button user can able to edit every column of the menu item explorer. Like user can change the menu item image, update price/cost, update menu item name, etc. (ORCL-422)
  • If the user wants to edit/delete any item firstly marked in the checkbox. Now multiple items can be deleted at the same time from here. (ORCL-329)
  • Variant child items now showing in a tree format in menu item explorer. (ORCL-428)
  • Now users can apply coupons while subscribing menugreat. (ORCL-386)
  • Payment received & detailed both reports now added in Orocloud. (ORCL-349)


  • In card and custom payment report now reduce auth code column size and added sales count bottom of the report. (ORCL-435)
  • In Siiopa console order type explorer added show table selection, print to the kitchen, sort order columns. (ORCL-417)
  • In Siiopa console order type explorer remove unnecessary options. (ORCL-409)
  • Now only pending and confirmed status tickets can be canceled from menugreat online order manager. (ON-257)
  • Now for variant child items group combo box, online checkbox & image columns are disabled. (ORCL-426)
  • Now users can show online data separately in sales report and item wise sales report by using show online data checkbox.

Bug fixes:

  • Without id new employee could be created in Orocloud. (ORCL-182)
  • Card details didn’t show in menugreat order manager order info. (ORCL-300)
  • The combo and combo group quantity selection window was taking characters. (ORCL-318)
  • The wrong error message dialog was showing in the subscription error message dialog. (ORCL-363)
  • The outlet editing wizard sent error and failed to save. (ORCL-383)
  • Payment received report data were showing under the wrong column. (ORCL-395)
  • Reports date fields were taking wrong values. (ORCL-396)
  • Payment details mismatched between the console page and exported PDF in card and custom payment report. (ORCL-413)
  • A wrong field appeared when create or edit item discounts. (ORCL-415)
  • A wrong warning message was showing while entering the wrong CVC code in the menugreat console. (ORCL-420)
  • Deactivate users could log in to the back office. (ORCL-425)
  • The refund amount was showing wrong in menugreat order manager ticket receipt. (ORCL-430)
  • Variant parent item menu group couldn’t be set variant child item. (ORCL-434)
  •  Empty name could be saved in menu item explorer in the menugreat console(ORCL-439)