oropos-1.5.5_20 - ORO POS - Point of Sale


oropos-1.5.5_20 Download

Release Date: 20220912


  • Added a new ‘force close store’ button in the store status info dialog. 


       To force close the store, the user will need ‘Force close store’ permission. To assign this permission to a user, go to back office, select that user’s role from ‘User type explorer’ and select ‘Force close store’.


  • Added a new ‘Do not allow close staff bank with open tickets’ checkbox in the miscellaneous tab. If this check box is marked then the user will not able to close the staff bank with open tickets.


  • Previously, Items cannot be reordered without sending to the kitchen. Now, Items can be reordered without sending to the kitchen.

Bug Fixes:

  1. If returning an item with an amount type discount, the calculation does not work properly. ( OR- 3318)
  2. The customer is not showing if searched by member id. ( OR- 3426)