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ORO POS 1.5.5_30

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Release Date: 20230115


New Feature:

Now it is possible to hide Customer, Guest note, Sales area, Reorder and Done button from order view. To hide them, Go to Back Office-> Admin-> Store Configuration-> Miscellaneous Tab.  Here, Some checkboxes have been added to show/hide them. If uncheck then those buttons will not show in order view.



Bug Fix:

  1. Credit card was not being captured by Dejavoo plugin if the ticket contained gratuity. ( OR- 3545).
  2. When importing products from an excel spreadsheet, sku and barcode fields were missing. ( OR- 3561).
  3. When importing a member list from CSV, leading zeros were added to member id. ( OR- 3564).
  4. Price was showing zero on the item button in order view where allow unit wise item selection is true. ( OR- 3557).