ORO POS 1.5.7 - ORO POS - Point of Sale

ORO POS 1.5.7

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Release Date: 20230828


  • Added log to journal report for time card adjustments. Adding or editing a user’s clock in/out time from the attendance history explorer will show that action in the journal report. (OR-3702)


Bug fixes:

  • The chair set-up needed correction on the table page. (OR-3648)
  • User permissions needed for No Sale. (OR-3686)
  • The wrong cost appeared for a recipe item. (OR-3706)
  • KDS – Item text size was not working. (OR-3712)
  • Member type was not imported from the CSV file. (OR-3713)
  • Multiple discounts related problem. (OR-3715)
  • Inventory adjustment showing wrong. (OR-3717)