OROPOS V1.5.5_02 - ORO POS - Point of Sale

OROPOS V1.5.5_02

OROPOS V1.5.5_02 Download

Release Date: 20211220


  • The Cloud Sync dialog has been improved. Now in OROHUB integration dialog will show the full store URL which is clickable. Clicking on that URL would open OROHUB back-office in a new tab for that store. (OR-3190)

  • kitchen display configuration dialog has been improved. Added a new ‘order type base color’ tab in this dialog where user can set the color of the kitchen ticket according to the order type. (OR-3182)

  • The ‘Kitchen Display’ tab has been transferred from terminal configuration to store configuration. (OR-3188)

  • Customer monitor now supports 1024×768 resolution

Bug fixes:

  • Server/Driver name showing ‘null’ in ticket list view. (OR-3185)