OROPOS 1.5.5_04 - ORO POS - Point of Sale

OROPOS 1.5.5_04

OROPOS 1.5.5_04 Download

Release Date: 20220120

Bug Fix:

  1. Null pointer Exception on checkPermission in some cases. (OR- 3189)
  2. Null Pointer Exception on cloud sync dialog. (OR- 3201)
  3. Max Quantity is not valid with groupwise Quantity Price Range. (OR- 3212)
  4. Modifiers are not visible and editable in override modifier group settings. (OR- 3214)
  5. Null Pointer Exception on InventoryItemExplorer (OR- 3219)
  6. Change amount is not showing in group settle if the tendered amount is greater than the cash. (OR- 3167)
  7. Payroll Report showing inactive employees. (OR- 3199)