OROPOSV1.5.5_26 - ORO POS - Point of Sale


OROPOSV1.5.5_26 Download

Release Date: 20221114

New feature:

    1. Added option to show both item name and translated name on receipt. To enable this option, go to Terminal configuration and enable “Show both name and Translated name”.(OR-3471)

  1. Enabled RTL text direction.(The item will appear on the right side of the receipt If this checkbox is marked). To enable this option, go to Terminal configuration and select “Enable RTL text direction”. (OR-3471)

  • Added up/down arrow buttons to sort combo items and groups. Items can be sorted using the up/down arrow buttons. In order screen items will be sorted according to the combination of combo items set up. (OR-3490)


  • Restricted the EFTPOS cashout amount to 10 cents increment or 1 decimal place. If such value is cashed out then the transaction will be rejected and an error message ‘cent amount is not valid’ will be displayed. (OR-3510)
  • A progress bar will show for the refund transaction. (OR-3511)

  • The timeout has defaulted to 120 sec in EFTPOS configuration. (OR-3512)

  • Refunded amount will show in the refund dialog for a partial refund. (OR-3513)

  • Added ‘membership active’ checkbox in edit customer dialog. (OR-3498)

Bug fixes:

  • Transaction did not send to the EFTPOS terminal if partially refund. (OR-3514)
  • Unit did not appear by its display name in order view. (OR-3505)
  • Units will be sorted by unit name. (OR-3526)
  • Name search in Select customer dialog was not working. (OR-3525)
  • “Point for purchase” was not working In the loyalty configuration. (OR-3521)
  • Translated name not showing in kitchen receipt for oropos pdf printer. (OR-3488)