Siiopa v1.5 - ORO POS - Point of Sale

Siiopa v1.5

Siiopa v1.5

New feature:

  • Siiopa will show different icons for different order types. When the user creates an order type from the back office, its icon will be set according to the order type.


  • Some changes have been made to bring a match in all dialogs. The size of the buttons and the header icons have been changed.
  • Some changes have been made to make the buttons user friendly. For this, all the buttons of different views and dialogs have been given the same style and color.



Bug fixes:

  • Multiple transactions did not show in order info for multiple terminal transactions. [SIN-268]
  • Ticket creation time was mismatched in two terminals. [SIN-323]
  • Despite multi-terminal subscriptions was not being active, users could log in from multiple terminals.[SIN-329]
  • Calculation mismatched after applying a discount on a combo item with a modifier. [SIN-287]
  • Calculation mismatched while returning items from split tickets. [SIN-316]
  • Deleted discount was showing in discount view. [SIN-298]
  • Transaction error occurred when refund on credit card. [SIN-312]
  • Item quantity could be negative. [SIN-318]
  • Discounted tickets could be split. [SIN-319]
  • Modifier price of combo group items did not calculate. [SIN-324]
  • Modifier selection dialog did not appear while adding variant items. [SIN-325]
  • Tendered amount could be greater than the due amount. [SIN-330]
  • Some important user permissions were not working properly. [SIN-342]
  • Enter privileged pin dialog did not appear when multiple employees were active. [SIN-343]
  • Multiple transactions did not void in order info. [SIN-344]