v1.4.157 - ORO POS - Point of Sale




  • UI improvement in job scheduler dialogue. Now all the reports can be sent at a time.
  • Now tax can be set based on order type. To access this go to menu item form’s “Order type base tax ” tab.
  •  External terminal option move to the merchant gateway selector box.
  • Refund using custom payment is revised, allowing user to select which custom payment to use for refund.
  • Added a sever filter in server productivity report. Now server can be selected by using this filter.
  • UI improvement in store configuration.
  • Kick drawer and cash drawer option are modified in terminal configuration.  
  • Added No Sale button in extra functionalities.
  • Now in user select combo box, the role of user is shown in bracket.
  • Reports now honor selected decimal place.


Bug fixes:

  • An exception message was showing when from & to date is null in cash drawer reports .(OR-1409)
  • Overlapping error occurred in different reports.
  • Printer type was missing when edit a printer in terminal configuration. (OR-1415)
  • The maximum input digits should be fixed in payout dialogue. (OR-1423)
  • Net tips amount was not showing properly in trac tips report. (OR-1424)
  • An unexpected send report button appeared when clicking undo button in KDS. (OR-1426)
  • Without focusing on amount text field keyboard was not working. (OR-1431)
  • Alignment error occurred in cash reconciliation at drawer status. (OR-1432)
  • Currency breakdown was not updating properly in cash reconciliation. (OR-1437)
  • Reconciliation amount shouldn’t be added at balance field in cash breakdown. (OR-1438)
  • Current user could be  deleted by itself. (OR-1440)
  • Base unit could be deleted. (OR-1441)
  • UI was not updating properly in menu item explorer. (OR-1444)
  • Large amount was not showing properly in sales detailed report. (OR-1445)
  • Main currency was not updating when refunding ticket. (OR-1446)
  • Custom payment name was not  showing in refund dialogue box. (OR-1450)
  • Extra button was showing in the refund dialogue box when ticket refunding by gift card. (OR-1451)
  • Voided item name was not showing fully in the kitchen display. (OR-1452)
  • Void reason was not fully showing in void item report. (OR-1454)
  • User couldn’t login back office using different role. (OR-1463)
  • Menu category name was missing in database browser. (OR-1467)
  • User role was missing after clock out. (OR-1468)
  • Total amount type and due amount were mismatched in retail order type. (OR-1488)
  • Child role couldn’t be deactivated in user role. (OR-1490)
  • Voided transaction was showing in the card and custom payment report. (OR-1493)
  • Gratuity amount mismatched after credit card refund. (OR-1508)
  • An error message was showing when deleting attribute in edit menu item form. (OR-1520)
  • Decimal places rule was not working in payment view colored number button. (OR-1528)
  • An error message was showing while creating a new item in Germany region. (OR-1531)