v1.4.159 - ORO POS - Point of Sale


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  1. 86 Button has been replaced with “Quick settings” button in toolbar.  This allow to quickly enable/disable certain settings.
  2. Quick settings menu
    Currently this shows 2 options 
    – 86 : to disable items no longer avilable in the store.
    – Item description
  • If  Item description is enabled, when server taps on Menu items it will a show a  window showing item description. If there are recipe instructions available it will also show that.
  • Added a new payout reason explorer.

Bug fixes:

  • Null modifier group could be added in a pizza item. (OR-1473)
  • Removed delete all button form terminal type window. (OR-1481)
  • Price column was left align in menu modifier. (OR-1560)
  • Pizza modifier group was deleted when closing by ‘x’ button. (OR-1577)
  • Negative quantity could be input in variants. (OR-1583)
  • Table was disabled when enter a large amount in capacity field. (OR-1586)
  • Percentage rate could be negative in multipliers. (OR-1588)
  • Currency tolerance didn’t save properly. (OR-1591)
  • Drawer amount could be negative. (OR-1598)
  • Without store name store configuration could be saved. (OR-1599)
  • Character capitalization was showing wrong. (OR-1600)
  • Warning message should be shown when creating order type with duplicate name. (OR-1603)
  • An exception message was throwing when input a large text at name field in user type dialogue. (OR-1605)
  • Balance field was not being saved properly in edit customer dialogue. (OR-1606)
  • Gift card owner name could be saved as empty. (OR-1612)
  • Large percentage was not showing in edit multiplier dialogue. (OR-1613)
  • Actual amount could be negative in cash drawer reports. (OR-1616)
  • Ticket discount should not be applied when price is less than minimum amount. (OR-1637)
  • Item discount was not added when applied percentage coupon type. (OR-1639)
  • Coupon type didn’t change properly. (OR-1651)
  • Item discount shouldn’t be added in voided items. (OR-1652)
  • In ticket discount modifiable amount could be greater than ticket total amount. (OR-1654)
  • In percentage type discount maximum coupon value should be 9999. (OR-1655)
  • Calculation error occurred in group settle. (OR-1668)
  • Discount report was not showing ticket discount. (OR-1699)
  • Item should be added in different row for different unit. (OR-1673)
  • Item price was not calculating properly when reorder. (OR-1674)
  • Deleted customer was showing in customer combo box filter (customer payment report). (OR-1710)
  • Wrong day was showing in weekly payroll report after filtering first day of week. (OR-1718)
  • Selected cash drawer report & printed cash drawer report was not matched. (OR-1723)
  • Fractional unit & editable price was not working in variant item. (OR-1729)
  • Terminal selection box removed from track tips report. (OR-1730)
  • Phone no could be saved with alphabetic character in edit user form. (OR-1587)
  • Voiding ticket did not adjust inventory for voided items. (OR-1643)

Download: Version 1.4.159