v1.4.159_05 - ORO POS - Point of Sale



New features:

  • If there are open tickets, those tickets will be shown before closing store. User can decide whether to close store or not with open tickets. However, there is a new option to disable closing store with open tickets. To disable closing store with open tickets, enable ‘Do not allow closing store with open tickets’ in store configuration.

  • End of day report now shows total received amount and total received tax amount.
  • Tickets tax exempt cannot be enabled after making a payment.

Bug fixes:

  • Pre authorized amount was showing after voided that payment. (OR-1771)
  • Sales balance report and hourly sales report were mismatched. (OR-1795)
  • End of day summary report improvement. (OR-1797)
  • UI improvement in ticket receipt. (OR-1764)
  • Characters couldn’t be added in zip code number. (OR-1777)
  • Same header text was showing in two different reports. (OR-1780)
  • Store open/close session was not updated in various terminals. (OR-1793)
  • Country, state, city combo box couldn’t be edited. (OR-1763)
  • Bar tab ticket was not showing in merge ticket dialogue. (OR-1753)
  • Pre authorized amount could be set zero or empty. (OR-1768)
  • An unexpected send report button was appeared when set null card number in bar tab. (OR-1770)
  • An unexpected send report button was appeared when splitting in any order type. (OR-1775)
  • Change the “Items sent to kitchen” message to “Items Reordered”. (OR-1776)
  • Wrong column header text was showing in store session detail reports. (OR-1781)
  • Retail order view now shows refunded amount. (OR-1772)


Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nshj027nyi1p5gj/oropos-1.4.159_05-windows.zip?dl=0