v1.4.159_16 - ORO POS - Point of Sale



New feature:

  • Added the highest item price method in combo item. That is, when this feature is enabled, the highest priced item inside the combo will be set as the combo price.

  • Quick menu can be shown in Retail order type. To enable quick menu, select retail order type and go to ‘Quick menu’ tab. Now select “Enable Quick menu” and the menus you want to show in quick menu list by clicking Add/Remove button.

  • Added new permission ‘No Sale’. Only users with this permission can perform a no sale operation.


Bug fixes:

  • Wrong error message was showing  while selecting empty void reason (OR-1938)
  • Transaction authorize dialog now show tips adjusted transaction in green color. (OR-1860)

  • Variant name didn’t show in kitchen display (OR-2069)
  • Removed pre authorize confirmation from Bar tab if “Pre authorize credit card” is not selected in Bar tab order type. (OR-2095)
  • Customer monitor now remembers window position (OR-2082)