v1.4.159_20 - ORO POS - Point of Sale



New features:

  • Added ticket searching support in order list view. Now users can easily search for tickets using partial ticket ID. Also, tickets can be searched by date. And now it is possible to define order list page size.


  • Added labor percentage & ‘Help’ button in sales summary- key statistics report. Now users can easily see the details of key statistics from the ‘Help’ button.
  • Added ‘print’ support when void credit card payment. Now customers can print voided credit card receipt.


Bug fixes:

  • End of Day report Charged tips (OR-2309)
  • Calculation error occurred in the sales report (OR-2314)
  • In order entry screen, Reorder button did not work (OR-2296)
  • Order view showing even after inputting the wrong card number in bar tab (OR-2310)
  • Column header text is not showing properly in end of day summary report (OR-2319)