v1.5.4 - ORO POS - Point of Sale



New features:

  • Added a new rounding option named ” Enable 10cent rounding” in the store configuration charges tab. When the user mark this option rounding option will be followed this rule: 1c-4c rounds down to 0c and 5c-9c rounds up to 10c. For example, if the total amount is 50.54$ then the total amount will be shown 50.50$ for that new rounding rule. Also, 50.55$ will be shown 50.60$. (OR-2802)
  • Now rounding amount will be shown in the ticket receipt. (OR-2810)
  •  In the sales balance report, server summary report, and store session summary report rounding amount will be shown. ( OR-2809)
  •  Now opening hours can be configured from store configuration. We also added two options ” Daily report of current day and Daily report of last working day” in the job scheduler frequency combo box so that users can be able to send a daily report at their flexible time. (OR-2804)
  • Now the user will be redirected to the ticket view after scanning the customer member id. (OR-2805)
  • Added a new option name “Allow unit wise selection” in the menu item edit dialog.  A unit selection dialog should appear while adding a allow unit wise selection checked item from order view. ( OR-2801)
  • Now refund amount will be shown in the payment section on the settlement page. (OR-2776)
  • we added a new option store configuration miscellaneous tab name ” Show unit name instead of unit code on receipt”. If the user marks this option unit name will be shown instead of the unit code on the receipt.
  • Now user can be able to see the user password from the user edit dialog. (OR-2727)
  • Added as user combo box in cash drawer report. (OR-2687)


Bug fixes:

  • Combo child item quantity was increased after splitting the ticket. (OR-2419)
  • The email button didn’t work in the transaction completed dialog. (OR-2603)
  • The loyalty point was calculating the wrong value when settling tickets. (OR-2622)
  • An error message was showing while trying to enable allow unit selection for variant items. (OR-2642)
  • An unexpected send report button appeared while confirming split online tickets. (OR-2647)
  • The wrong discount amount was showing in the settlement dialog. (OR-2664)
  • Units were not updating frequently in the variant children. (OR-2681)
  • An exception occurred in the terminal when printing the cash drawer report.(OR-2722)
  • Message property was missing in the card and custom payment report. (OR-2725)
  • Refresh was not working properly in the menu page designer. (OR-2769)
  • The minimum amount condition was not working properly in ticket discount. (OR-2773)
  • Could not prepare statement dialog appeared while forcefully clocking out the only user. (OR-2782)
  • The wrong quantity was showing while ordering the pizza item. (OR-2785)
  • Unit code was not showing for single quantity items in the order details section. (OR-2800)
  • Null pointer exception occurred in the terminal during modifier selection in Oropos. (OR-2806)
  • Database creation was failed for the first time while creating a database from Oropos. ( OR-2808)