v1.5.4_12 - ORO POS - Point of Sale



Oropos version 1.5.4_12

New features:

  • Service charge configuration has been moved from store settings to order type settings. To configure service charge, go to Admin -> order type -> edit an order type -> mark service charge enable checkbox. (OR-2855).

Here the service charge type combo box will appear which will have two options. One is “Percentage type” and another is “Fixed amount type”. If the user select percentage type then the service charge will applying as a percentage. If select fixed amount service charge type then service charge will be applying as a fixed amount from that order type.

  • In order type form added a new option “Prompt for pre authorize before creating bar tab” under “Pre authorize credit card”. This option only visible while the “Pre authorize credit card” option is marked. By default that option is marked and when this marked then Pre-authorize confirmation dialog will pop up in the bar tab otherwise when this option is unmarked then Pre-authorize confirmation dialog won’t pop up in the bar tab.(OR-2871)
  • Individual menu item kitchen sticker & label should be print for every individual quantity. (OR-2880 & OR-2881)
  • Added category wise sales section in store -session summary report. (OR-2858)
  • Added display keyboard in tickets activity view for entering ticket id & also added keyboard icon beside my tickets button. (OR-2866)
  • Added a new column named ‘On hand’ in inventory transaction report where shows the on hand quantity of items. If any items transaction with the different unit then menu items shows with new block for different units in that report. (OR-2908)


  • Users will able to add member type while creating a new customer in the create customer dialog. This member type will be added to the membership type attribute group. (OR-2897)
  • Improved unit display name feature. (OR-2900)
    The changes are:
    1. If the display name is given, it will show in the receipt.
    2. If the display name is empty, the unit code will show in the receipt.
    3. If space is given as a display name, it will show only quantity in the receipt.
  • Now regular modifier attribute won’t show in Oropos. (OR-2914)

Bug fixes:

  • Use permission prompt in case of “No sale”. (OR-2094)
  • When paying manually from gift card it calculate wrongly. (OR-2249)
  • Delivery address info didn’t save properly after changing in delivery info dialog. (OCUST-117)
  • Receive amount didn’t update properly in purchase order dialog. (INV-268)
  • Ticket could be settled with inactive customer by customer account. (OR-2848)
  • Item cannot be added if there is no mandatory child item in a combo item. (OR-2857)
  • Pagination doesn’t work properly in select customer dialog. (OR-2884)
  • Item selection dialog search option is not working while modifier applies to the other items.(OR-2890)
  • Fixed service charge amount was not showing when applied ticket discount. (OR-2915)
  • Fixed gift card payment related issue. (OR-2921)

Download v1.5.4_12